“Triple Fisher” Featured in the Wall Street Journal

Punk Princes, Nordic Kings, Fisher Queens

Only seven months after 17-year-old Amy Fisher shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco in the head in Massapequa, the sordid saga of the so-called Long Island Lolita and her affair with body-shop owner Joey Buttafuoco, the victim’s husband, became a made-for-TV movie. “Amy Fisher: My Story” was broadcast by NBC on Dec. 28, 1992. It starred Noëlle Parker as the teenager and former “Hill Street Blues” star Ed Marinaro as her middle-aged lover. Six days later, ABC followed with “The Amy Fisher Story” (with Drew Barrymore in the title role), which ran in the same time slot as “Casualties of Love: The ‘Long Island Lolita’ Story” (with Alyssa Milano) on CBS. This had never happened in television history. Two decades later, filmmaker Dan Kapelovitz has created a “Rashomon”-like remix of the three movies, a subversive mash-up that, promises Videology curator Andrew Miller, “unspools like a Lifetime movie fever dream, with its labyrinth of duplicating lurid set-pieces taking on the tone of a noirish nightmare, reaching a frenzied schizo climax that would make Brian De Palma proud.” — Steve DollarWall Street Journal