“Triple Fisher” in Flavor Pill

“Triple Fisher” Screening and Q&A w/ Director Dan Kapelovitz

Back in the early 1990s, 17-year-old Amy Fisher found herself in a bizarre love triangle with her lover Joey Buttafuoco and his wife, Mary Jo, in a case that would redefine post-Reagan-Era tabloid culture. A barely-legal teen, Fisher found infamy after she shot poor Mary in the face, catapulting her to a dubious form of stardom when the media quickly dubbed her the “Long Island Lolita.” Long before her stint on “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew” (along with a few adult films), Amy Fisher was the inspiration behind three network specials; “Beyond Control: The Amy Fisher Story” on ABC starred Drew Barrymore, while Alyssa Milano took the reins in “Casualty of Love” on CBS. Meanwhile, Fisher’s own account was adapted for the small screen in “Treachery in the Suburbs: The Amy Fisher Story” on NBC. Now, director Dan Kapelovitz (“Threee Geniuses”) tackles another triad when he mashes up all three of the crazy made-for-TV movies in “Triple Fisher.” Join the director for a Q&A following the world-premiere screening of the director’s cut of “Triple Fisher” at the Downtown Independent Theater. — Tanja M. LadenFlavorpill